Osprey Nest (pedestrian bridge)

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Location of Sphere

Apple Capital Loop Trail Wenatchee, Washington United States

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Wa. State 360

There was a forest fire in the mountains southwest of Wenatchee in the summer of 2013. The smoke began rolling down Mission Ridge and northward up the Columbia River. ¶ The foot bridge I am on is sometimes called the old Columbia River Bridge, but is more often known as the Old Wenatchee Bridge or simply, the Foot Bridge (although it serves roller skaters, bicyclists, other pedestrians, and utilities as well). It was purchased from the highway department for one dollar ($1) the year after the new Columbia River Bridge, now officially called the Senator George Sellar Bridge was built (1950). ¶ Through the smoke you can still see the newer bridge south of this Foot Bridge, but about 10 minutes later it was obscured greatly. ¶ There is an osprey family that was still visiting a nesting box up high on the southeastern section (high left from pano starting point), but I wasn't fast enough to catch them in flight. There is one perched on the nest that seemed to be eying that gutsy pigeon perched nearby. But as the wildfire smoke was getting too thick to see or breathe easily, I didn't wait any longer to see if the osprey was still hungry. ¶ The osprey raptor (sometimes called a fish hawk) must not have been hungry or they may have opted for that pigeon near their nest, rather than drop down to go fishing. ¶ This spherical photo was taken between the "Zero" marker at the center over the river (dividing Chelan and Grant Counties) and the eastern end at East Wenatchee. ¶ I wasn't going to publish this summer of 2013 scene, but in looking at it again a few months later, I enjoyed it, even with the smoke rolling in that late afternoon, so posted it anyway.