1945 Bus Tragedy Memorial

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3224 S Lakeshore Rd Chelan, Washington United States

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¶ This is the memorial marking a bus tragedy nearly 70 years prior to capturing this photo-sphere at the location [November of 2013] at approximately 3224 S Lakeshore Rd, Chelan, Washington 98816 USA. ¶ I used to live out past this marker about 35 years AFTER the tragedy, and I stopped several times to ponder the fact that nearly all school-aged children from one area were suddenly gone from this frequency. Then another few decades later, I decided to share this place I used to send my prayers from. ¶ ¶ REPORT: A devastating tragedy struck the town on November 26, 1945, when a bus carrying 20 school children heading to Chelan went off the road and plunged into the lake. Fifteen students and the driver drowned. When the bus was raised, only six bodies were inside. Due to its depth, Lake Chelan has earned a reputation of never surrendering its dead, and the remains of the other nine fatalities were never recovered. It may well remain as the single worst school-bus accident in Washington state history. ¶ ~ information gleaned and paraphrased from Chelan, City of -- Thumbnail History HistoryLink.org Essay 10160 at: http://www.historylink.org/index.cfm?DisplayPage=output.cfm&file_id=10160 ¶ Universal Newsreel film footage about the 16 that drowned and recovery of the bus: http://youtu.be/1dNXmWpYhv4