Wildfire in Pateros, Washington

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130 Ives-Warren Alley Pateros, Washington United States

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Neighborhoods in Pateros, Washington destroyed by wildfire run rampant by gusts of wind whirling in various directions in July of 2014. ¶ As you can see, not much survived in some swaths made by the wind. ¶ People were fairly sure that the irrigated orchards above the hills to the west would halt the progression toward town. But it found a pathway to the north and came south along the hillside and hit town quickly so as little could be saved by many families. Yet, even with the direction changes that had pushed the fire around the orchards into town, taking out many homes, others were saved by the same quick change in direction. ¶ A couple friends of the photographer were evacuated with flames high just a block or two away. They had only minutes to grab... family, pets, medications, pre-digital photos, most important files and heirloom jewelry, communication devices (computer, tablet, phone...), and basic camping equipment (sleeping bag, pillow, lantern, cast-iron skillet, utensils, a couple days of food...), etcetera ... not much. ¶ This photo-sphere was captured near 122-130 Ives-Warren Alley, Pateros, WA 98846, USA.