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2205 W Woodin Ave Chelan, Washington United States

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"Wellness Garden" is an integrated medical clinic at 2205 West Woodin Avenue, Chelan, Washington 98816 USA. ¶ In the early summer of 2014, Dr. Catherine Freeman, DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) moved her practice (Acupuncture Garden) to the other side of the Chelan River to the Lakeside neighborhood (yellow building across from the Little Stone Church and Subway sandwiches). ¶ Along with treatment rooms for her patient/clientele, there are additional spaces being occupied by other wellness practitioners (naturopath, councilor, massage therapist, etcetera). ¶ There are plans to eventually hold various forms of workshop-stle classes on various subjects of interest to the community. ¶ Check the website for details: www.AcupunctureGarden.com