Sleepy Hollow Fire ~ Broadview Area

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Wenatchee, Washington United States

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¶ The Sleepy Hollow fires destroyed at least a couple dozen homes even up into the Broadview area of West Wenatchee. ¶ This view shows a standing brick archway through which we catch a glimpse of a neighbor's Title IV flag of these United States of America, perhaps showing their intension to persevere through the rough situation and rebuild. And even here, you can see the remains of a vehicle where the garage had been. Yet, the better part of a child's backyard play-set remains. ¶ The wildfires took place in the unusually extra hot early summer of 2015 in Wenatchee, Washington, USA. ¶ Embers floating around scorched other rooftops and started additional fires elsewhere, such as several structures in an industrial warehouse district just east of here as well. ¶ The map address range is only near the area to add at least some privacy for those that lost homes. ¶ How can you help? Start here: ¶ Kiro TV reports an estimated 3,000 acres burned before that July 4th weekend: ¶ And here is a link to the local newspaper for their perspective: