Sleepy Hollow Fire ~ Broadview Area

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2055 Broadleaf Court Wenatchee, Washington United States

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¶ The Sleepy Hollow wildfires destroyed at least a couple dozen homes even up into the Broadview area of West Wenatchee. ¶ The wildfires took place in the unusually extra hot early summer of 2015 in Wenatchee, Washington, USA. ¶ In this perspective we see signage up with the idea of keeping people off the homesite while the family set up camp to sift through the debris with shovels, wheelbarrows and screen-boxes for whatever memories or treasures might be found. And even if only to share with the curious passerby, a few small melted bottles lay on the curb as testament on how heat can transform glass, as well as that vinyl plastic fencing further from the heat. ¶ The neighbors to the east have already scooped up the debris leaving only the foundation so that rebuilding can begin a week from this day. And the hillside to the south (above the park) has already been hydro-seeded to reduce erosion and such. ¶ Embers floating around scorched other rooftops and started additional fires elsewhere, such as several structures in an industrial warehouse district just east of here as well. ¶ The map address range is only near the area to add at least some privacy for those that lost homes. ¶ How can you help? Start here: ¶ Kiro TV reports an estimated 3,000 acres burned before that July 4th weekend: ¶ And here is a link to the local newspaper for their perspective: