Helicopter (taking on water for fires)

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Location of Sphere

398 S 3rd St Chelan, Washington United States

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Wa. State 360

¶ This helicopter is pumping in perhaps about 5,000 gallons of water from Lake Chelan to then dump on areas of the Chelan Complex Fires to protect as many structures as they can. ¶ The highest hill (to the left of the Title IV flag of these United States of America) is called Chelan Butte, where at least 4 lightening strikes set of wildfire which melded into one larger fire. The fires continued over the butte to the south and to the north (the other side of town), a fire rages in the Union Valley area and many outlaying areas. ¶ The spherical photo was captured from the upper section of Pingrey Centennial Park looking initially west. ¶ Read more about the Lake Chelan area wildfires of mid August, 2015 at: http://www.golakechelan.com/News/August_18__Chelan_Complex_Fires_and_area_fire_news/ ¶ and ¶ http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/08/photos-washington-wildfire-burns-resort-town.html