Fire jumped the Chelan River

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Location of Sphere

534 E Trow Ave Chelan, Washington United States

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Wa. State 360

¶ This panorama was captured from the parking area for the Chelan Senior Center (534 East Trow Avenue) behind the baseball field and Horseshoe Park in Chelan, Washington, USA. ¶ A helicopter (above the man standing to the right of a vehicle) is heading back to Lake Chelan to fill up with more water to dump along the edge of the wildfire in an attempt to contain it somewhat. ¶ You can see where the wildfire (started by 4 or 5 lightening strikes on Chelan Butte) had jumped the Chelan River southeast of downtown. The reddish fire retardant is still visible on the hillside and houses to the east. Yet, the fire continued on down this short river to Chelan Falls at it's confluence with the Columbia River. And continued over that river from Chelan County into Douglas County heading northward toward Bridgeport and Brewster. ¶ Read more about the Lake Chelan area wildfires of 2015 at: ¶ and ¶