Emerald Princess staircases & stage

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Boardwalk Philipsburg, Sint Maarten Sint Maarten

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¶ This is the interior of the Emerald Princess cruise ship with its elaborate staircases and piano stage (steel drum musician performing this day) . ¶ This panorama was captured on my birthday, near the Boardwalk at Philipsburg, Sint Maarten (the Dutch side of the island split into two countries; Saint Martin being the French side to the north), we were on vacation aboard this Princess Cruise ship. ¶ After a day of touring the island on a motorbike with my lovely wife, we continued our voyage upon sunset. ¶ As we only had several hours on-island, and off-duty, we left my panoramic camera behind. However, I did take it on the ship so as to practice under various lighting conditions after a wonderful dinner. ¶ More about Princess Cruise vacations at: http://www.princess.com/