Accessibility Services

Ticketing Information

Arriving at Sphere

Where are the accessible entrances?

Is there accessible parking?

Can I bring my own food if I have special dietary needs that are medically necessary? 

Can I bring my service animal?

Onsite Experience

Are there elevators or escalators?

Where are the accessible restrooms?

Are wheelchair escorts available?

Are there accommodations available for individuals who may not fit in a standard seat?

Will I be able to plug in my ventilator?

Is there anything guests should be aware of related to the use of special effects at Sphere?

Are there accommodations for those with sensory needs?

Are Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) available?

Do the reverse ATMs have braille lettering?

Is Closed Captioning or Sign Language Interpretation available?

Is storage available for wheelchairs and other mobility devices?

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